Minor League Hockey

A minor league hockey team has its own special needs and requirements. Much of that has to do with expense and training issues. Unlike the pros, which have everything they could possibly want or need, minor league hockey often has to be more nimble and more frugal.

Minor League Hockey

In the past, getting information on how to best train a minor league hockey team or a youth hockey league was hard. Most of the information was passed on from one coach or manager to the next and little was actually written down about the many aspects of the game that all coaches and managers and even the officials needed in order to do their jobs. But that has changed now.

The Hockey Source has created a website that contains a ton of useful information for minor league hockey coaches, managers, officials, players, trainers and parents. This information is free and everyone who is interested in this fantastic sport is encouraged to come visit and read up on the topics that interest them.

We have topics on such things as:

  • Managing: We have a lot of information that is geared toward the manager and his or her role. Tips on how to best keep up with the administrative duties that are required of a manager as well as other timely tips.
  • Coaches: Our site contains free information that can help any coach do his or her job better. From how to best plan a practice session to how to communicate effectively, we have covered most (if not all) of the various issues that coaches will face on a daily basis. We also have a section on ethics and how and why a coach needs to be a bit more careful these days than in the past.
  • Officials: We have one of the best sections around for those interested in becoming game officials. We share with you the basics as well as some advanced knowledge. This is designed to help both new and experienced officials do their best.
  • Parents: We have many areas that are designed to help parents get their kids started in a youth hockey league. We cover such things as equipment and safety as well as some general questions and answers that many parents have, especially if they are new to the game.

You can see all of this and more at www.thehockeysource.tv.

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