Youth Hockey

Youth hockey has always been popular in certain regions of the world, but over the last few decades youth ice hockey teams have been popping up just about everywhere.

Youth Hockey

There are many reasons for this rise in popularity in some areas among children and teenagers. Youth hockey is, quite simply, fun. It offers an enormous amount of physical training as well as mental challenges for each player. But even though it is gaining in popularity, there are often questions concerning the game, especially in the area of youth hockey equipment. For those new to the game, The Hockey Source has developed a website that can answer most your questions, including a very detailed area on youth hockey equipment. What you need to get, how to get it, and tips on getting the best items available is all right here.

This area includes such information as:

  • What items are mandatory for boys and for girls in youth hockey.
  • How to properly size for various items.
  • A general estimate of the cost per item.
  • How coaches and managers can keep track of items.
  • Areas especially written for girl players.
  • What does the goalie need.
  • How to best fit the goalie for maximum protection and flexibility.

Coaches, officials, and managers will also be pleased to see additional topics that are geared especially for their particular needs. You get to read free information on such items as:

  • Software for managing a team and training purposes
  • Video cameras and other visual aids such as White boards
  • First aid kits
  • Learning materials for players
  • Learning materials for coaches

In addition, you can read topics on how the player’s gear is mandated through the various rules of the game as posted by the governing bodies. This alone is worth the visit if you are new to coaching or managing a youth ice hockey team.

For those who would like to take advantage of all this free material, please stop by our website at and spend as much time as you need learning more about this exciting and fast-growing sport. We think you will be pleased with what you find!

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